Frequently Asked Questions

My Phone is quite old. Can I still play the game?
The oldest devices Severe Delays! has been tested on are the iPhone 6 and the Samsung S6. It runs good on these devices. If your device is older it might still run but a good performance is not guaranteed.

How much storage does the app need?
Severe Delays! needs roughly 60 mb of storage on your mobile (20 mb download size).

How do I win 3 stars?
Severe Delays! is a quite challenging game, especially when you try to win 3 stars. In order to win 3 stars you have to collect as many passengers and coins as possible. If there are ramps, take as many tube jumps as possible! Sometimes it helps to jump on a different tube line to collect more passengers or to perform more tube jumps.

Technical Support

Please send an e-mail to if you have any technical problems or if you want to report a bug (even if it is just a small typo).